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Young Scientist

"Recordings 1979-81"


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Release: 2015
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Young Scientist - Recordings 1979-81 LP

Young Scientist has been a Seattle-based electronic & improvisation music group consisting of the three members Marc Barreca, James Husted and Roland Barker (both recording also as Sequencer People and releasing a Tape on Engram Records in 1982). Between 1979 and 80, the trio recorded four cassettes of prime EM – ‚Life Sciences’, ‚Results not Answers’, ‚Over Low Trees’ & ‚Electron Music’. All of these tapes were made available via Eurock and extracts of these tapes plus previously unreleased archive-material can be heard on this solid compilation-Lp.

Roland Barker also recorded a ...
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Label:Vinyl On Demand
1.A1 Breakfast At Moms 6:20
2.A2 Manufacturing 5:35
3.A3 Angkor What 6:35
4.A4 Rehearsal Fragment 3 4:43
5.A5 Rehearsal Fragment 5 4:39
6.B1 Space Filling Curves 4:55
7.B2 Subculture 7:43
8.B3 Uzu Suburbs 7:19
9.B4 Over Low Trees 10:06