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Youth Code

"Commitment To Complications"


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Release: 2016
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Youth Code - Commitment To Complications CD

The year 2015 saw hardcore inspired EBM outfit, Youth Code, step into line with what most would consider is their well-earned stake in the current world of industrial music. Spending most of that time touring selectively on their own in Europe and then sweeping through North America with the legendary Skinny Puppy, Youth Code pulled together their newest songs, hunkering down with producer Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly / Fear Factory), and intertwined the ideas that would become their second full length album, Commitment to Complications.

Born in 2012 out of ...
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Label:Dais Records
3.Commitment To Complications
4.The Dust Of Fallen Rome
7.Glass Spitter
8.Lacerate Wildly
10.Shift Of Dismay
11.Lost At Sea