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"Moral Rearmament"


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Release: 2014
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Zahgurim - Moral Rearmament CD

File under: TOPY/PSYCHIC TV. 30th anniversary special edition of the legendary ‘Berlin Atonal’ album! Early pioneers of the industrial music scene, Zahgurim’s ‘Moral Rearmament’ was the first and subsequently only vinyl release by the group. Zahgurim were formed in 1983 and were early contributors to the Industrial Music scene, associating with the iconic Temple Ov Psychick Youth [TOPY] Zahgurim were invited by Konnex Records Producer, Manfred Schiek to record an album for his recently launched sub-label, Berlin Atonal, and by Berlin Atonal Festival founder Dimitri Hegemann [founder of Interfish and the legendary ‘Tresor’-club and label!) to perform at his pioneering sonic art event alongside Test Dept. Laibach, Club Moral and others. Moral Rearmament became Berlin Atonal’s fifth release [ST 3005], the label having launched with two live recordings by Psychic TV.This 30th Anniversary Edition comes with three additional tracks (each of these has a sonic element from un-released Zahgurim recording and was created with technology contemporary to the original material) three re-mastered live recordings of Zahgurim performing tracks from the Moral Rearmament LP (Two of these were previously only available as cassette issues and one has never before been heard in the public domain)
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2.New Flesh
3.The People’S Temple
5.Shower Scene
6.Two Women
7.Belle Of Death
8.Dog Unit
10.Stimulation (Live)
11.Shower Scene (Live)
12.New Flesh (Live)