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Clan Of Xymox




Release: 2009
Status: Sold out
Clan Of Xymox - Emily MCD

With the single 'Emily', which is strictly limited to 999 copies, Clan Of Xymox offer a promising glimpse of their following full length album.

'Emily' adroitly combines the early, melancholy, 4AD sound of the band with the flimmering synthesizer sounds of the 90s and the dark power of classic goth. Past and present are perfectly combined and the music is, at last, once again that which Clan Of Xymox were always capable of. Pulsating, no-nonsense gothic rock, melancholy and powerful, emotional and beguiling. With this release, Clan Of Xymox demonstratively return to their roots while nevertheless remaining up to date. They prove above all that their creative potential is a long way from coming to an end.

As well as three versions of the title track the single also contains an exclusive track, 'Chemistry', and will cause the hearts of all fans of the early period of Clan Of Xymox, along with such bands as Cocteau Twins or The Wolfgang Press, to beat faster.
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InfraRot item number:2004.165
Label's catalogue number:TRI 365
2.Emily (Clan Of Xymox Remix)
4.Emily (Contrast Remix)