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Release: 2011
Status: Sold out
Distain! - On/Off CD

After their DAC top five double album "Anthology 1992-2010" (deleted), Distain! are now releasing their sixth studio album "on / off". The record, produced by Remi Janotta (Ex-Psyche), contains ten new compositions. The album title is meant as an expression of everyday life characterized by contrasts: life and death, peace/war, love/hate, happiness/unhappiness, light/dark, on/off etc. All the greatest possible differences are in reality but one, just like the two sides of a coin. The combination of these opposites is the origin of all being, and especially to promote the digital world - the dual system.

Since their establishment in 1992 ...
InfraRot sales rank:1,582
InfraRot item number:2008.824
Label's catalogue number:EZ11C581
1.The 6th Floor
2.Mein Weg
3.Why (Bootlicking Hypocrites)
4.100 %
5.Values Of Trust
6.What Do You Want From Me?
7.My God
8.Monokultur (Feat. Rick Prokein)
10.Secound Coming
11.Mediaeval Presence
12.Mein Weg (Elektrostaub Feat. Distain)