InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

16 Volt vs. Hate Dept.

"The Remix Wars: Strike 3 (Limited Red Vinyl)"


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Release: 2016
Status: Ready to be shipped in 2-4 days
16 Volt vs. Hate Dept. - The Remix Wars: Strike 3 (Limited Red Vinyl) LP

Limited RED Vinyl edition, strictly limited to 200 copies only!


- An amazing new design has been prepared for the reissues- Each sleeve will include hot silver foil stamp on the artist logos and Remix Wars logo (it's going to look beyond wicked...just wait for the real-life sleeves!)- Each record will be released as a special collector's edition colour vinyl, as well as an audiophile's black vinyl edition.- The colour schemes for the coloured vinyl were selected to reflect the original colours of the CD releases- All audio has been remastered for vinyl- Each release comes with an insert that includes an essay by Sharon Kyronfive, former 21st Circuitry employee and current I Die: You Die columnist.- the wickedest remix collabs basically ever (START f--ken DIGGING... -- nuff said! OK WAIT ACTUALLY ERIC f--ken POWELL -- nuff said!)
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1.16 Volt · A1 Stitched (Face-Rip)
2.16 Volt · A2 Dreams Of Light (Nightmare)
3.16 Volt · A3 Motorskill (Quad)
4.Hate Dept. · B1 Drive : A (Netmix)
5.Hate Dept. · B2 Start Digging (The Giver / The Taker)
6.Hate Dept. · B3 Defensive (Loose And Thrash Mix)