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16 Volt

"Letdowncrush (Re-Release)"


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Release: 2012
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16 Volt - Letdowncrush (Re-Release) CD

In the 3 years prior to this release, 16 Volt had become a major player in the industrial scene. Released in 1996 on renowned Re-constriction records at the height of the industrial machine's infiltration of the mainstream, 'LetDownCrush' found itself in a rather odd and exciting place in music history - Chemlab were huge on the east coast, KMFDM released their hit album 'Xtort', Nine inch Nails and Gravity Kills were on the peak of their success, Ministry were being filthy pigs and Skinny Puppy entered a process of bitter hibernation.

It was the year of industrial, and 16 Volt were by now a well oiled war machine, locked and loaded for action. This re-mastered edition comes with the bonus of a band's cover of Cypress Hill classic 'Ain't going out like that' and is an album that is as diverse as it is consistent and concise; a piece of industrial rock history that reached #1 in the Rolling Stone alternative charts. 16 Volt had come a long way in the 3 since their debut and 'LetDownCrush' solidified 16 Volt as the premiere coldwave force!
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2.The Dreams That Rot In Your Heart
3.Clothlike Gauze
4.Something Left
5.The Cut Collector
8.Two Wires Thin
10.Carla's Tarantulas
11.We Ain't Goin' Out Like That