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Release: 2012
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16 Volt - Skin CD

The sophomore slump is perhaps one of the most dreaded moments in any artist or band's career. When a debut achieves any measure of success or recognition, there arise certain expectations on the part of the audience (and the record label) to repeat or even surpass that success. In 1994, Eric Powell had many a promise to keep after the previous year's release of Wisdom placed 16volt on the map of the industrial undeground. With that album's 'Motorskill' making waves on the dance floor, influenced in equal parts by Ministry and Skinny Puppy, it was the release of 1994's 'Skin' on Re-constriction Records that would truly set the tone for 16volt's future. Now remastered and rereleased by Metropolis Records, Skin is made available once again, including bonus-tracks/remixes.

Right from the onset of ...
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2.Perfectly Fake
4.Slow Wreck
5.Skin Graft
7.Built To Last
8.Bottle Rockets
9.Downtime II
11.Dead Skin Bonus-Tracks:
12.Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon
13.Skin (Guitarless Mix)
14.Turning Japanese
15.Stitched (Face-Rip)