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Release: 2012
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16 Volt - Wisdom CD

The early '90s was a prosperous time for the industrial music underground, marking the transition toward a more caustic and aggressive sound. Advances in technology and production techniques allowed for a better integration of guitars into the synthesized nightmarish soundscapes and danceable clamor that defined the genre. At the forefront of this new machine rock movement was 16volt, whose 1993 debut album 'Wisdom' helped usher in what would come to be referred to as 'coldwave'. Released on Cargo, 'Wisdom' remains a prime example of 16volt's now signature blend of mechanical percussion and atmosphere with the guttural rawness of punk/rock guitars, topped off by front man Eric Powell's acerbic shouts and sinister whispers. Sadly, the original album has been long out-of-print, available via 16volt's website as a digital album only... until now.

Almost 20 years later, the ...
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3.Head Of Stone
4.Filthy Love Of Fire
5.Hand Over End
7.Dreams Of Light
8.Downtime 1
9.Motorskill (Quad - Hate Dept. Remix)
10.Dreams Of Light (Nightmare - Hate Dept. Remix)
11.Filthy Love Of Fire (Unreleased Dave Ogilvie Remix)
12.Black Hole (Unreleased)
13.Motorskill (Demo Version)