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16Pad Noise Terrorist



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Release: 2010
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16Pad Noise Terrorist - Utopia CD

16Pad Noise Terrorist is a project by the S.K.E.T. member Candy Schlüer which appeared in the dark drum'n'bass scene in 2006. With his first album release mastered by DJ Hidden, 16Pad Noise Terrorist hits direct the headquarter of the dark drum'n'bass genre. The tracks on Utopia are a quite diverse blend of club tracks in a wide range from highspeed hardcore tunes to slow-steady tracks. In total they all have a quite unique symbiosis of melodic sounds, industrialized sounds, forceful and powerful beats and distorted infectious basslines.
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InfraRot item number:2006.461
Label's catalogue number:D146
1.Utopia 1
2.No Pain No Religion
4.Mr Bane
5.Symbolic Forms
6.Swamp Of Death
7.Break 7 Slow
9.The Knarz Industry
11.Utopia 2
12.My Way
13.T Or 3rror
14.Utopia 3