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18 Summers

"The Magic Circus"


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Release: 2012
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18 Summers - The Magic Circus CD

You might easily think 18 Summers are cheerful aging wavers with a very considerable wad-o-dough by a bank, who are weird enough to would like performed her passion once again on stages. But that's far from the truth. The oeuvre of Felix Flaucher and Frank Schwer hasn't lost any piece of his charismatic radiance and uniqueness over the last two decades, and yet although they accumulate this on 'The Magic Circus' with a branding in a sophisticated utterance never previously obtained. The name is programmatic on whole album length. 18 Summers presents a absorbing storytelling collection of enthusiasm, consciousness and questions about the master plan, accompanied by extraordinary music full of associations, contrasts, a sense of humor and ironic refractions.

Since the publication of her ...
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Label:Synthetic Symphony
2.Chippewa Lake Park
3.Deep In Your Heart
5.Dream Machine
6.The Strange Fruit
7.Beautiful Day
8.Radio S.A.T.A.N
9.The Magic Circus
10.Queen For A Day
11.The Funeral