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6 Comm

"Like Stukas Angels Fall"


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Release: 2009
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6 Comm - Like Stukas Angels Fall CD

A totally re-recorded album of classic tracks featuring songs from the early6comm period and also a few tracks from his previous work in Death in June.

Also find here work like 'Sow the Wind' and 'Shake the Fear' previously only available on a limited cassette release. 6comm as always totally refuses to be easily categorized and 'Like Stukas Angel Fall' once again crosses genres such as Electro, Folk, Classical, Martial or Experimental.

Here find 16 great songs, including brilliant new versions of 'Torture Garden' and 'Carousel' with new vocal sections. Other highlights include the opening track , a re-work of theold electro track 'Sonfelte' presented here as Kirato e Sonfelte in a new cloak of semi-classical vengeance!
InfraRot sales rank:1,384
InfraRot item number:2004.464
Label's catalogue number:Kenaz JU87V
1.Kirato E Sonfelte
2.The Winter Sadness
3.Nothing Life
4.Together In Neiflheim
5.Will To War
6.Salerno Carousel
7.Pipes Of Gold
8.Foretell The Blood Flows
9.Shake The Fear
10.Sow The Wind
11.Wake Up The World
12.Death Illusion
13.Swayling Illusion
15.Shame On You
16.Like Stukas Angels Fall