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6 Comm

"One Man’s Hel"


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Release: 2016
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6 Comm - One Man’s Hel CD

This 2015 release is split into 3 distinct parts: the first 4 songs being rhythmically heavy, almost rocky while the second part represents the more eccentric, experimental side of 6comm and the final 2 songs are classic ballads. With 11 compositions of new - unreleased & reworks, this album reflects the music that 6comm have been performing live during the last 3 years. This is the last album to be released under the name 6comm!
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1.One Mans Hel
2.Angel Scream
3.Red Cloak
5.Doubt To Death
6.What Time Is It?
7.Kalashnikov Vodka Bar Mix
8.Rosewood Cuts
9.This Is Love
10.Twisted Love
11.Dream 39