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A Spell Inside



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Release: 2019
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A Spell Inside - Masterplan CD

Album No. 7 in the band’s 24 year history! First limited edition in Digipak!

A SPELL INSIDE are back! It took the three musicians long five years to produce this much awaited follow-up to their previous number-one album „Autopilot“. But as often with long gaps in between albums by important bands, it was well worth the wait! The 11 brand new songs feature dark electronics and – as always with this gifted band – highly catchy melodies, all topped with bittersweet melancholy. ‘Masterplan’ stands out as complex and vibrant longplayer; not only for the dancefloors, but also for your individual listening pleasure at home. During the long lasting production process, the band collaborated with different producers and lyric writers, in a challenge to push the boundaries of their sound a decisive step further. Still reflecting the electropop roots of their glorious past, this new album turned out to shine in a much darker overall atmosphere than its predecessor. „Masterplan“ - electronic wave-pop 2.0.
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3.Ballerina's Poem
5.Like Stars
6.The Grand Masquerade
7.The One
10.Hate Me?
11.Hundred Years