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"Tabula Rasa (Limited Edition)"



Release: 2012
Status: Sold out
A7IE - Tabula Rasa (Limited Edition) 2CD

Limited edition with bonus-cd including several remixes.

Infos about the album:Forget everything you heard until now from the band - with this last salute to the fans and the audience, Tabula Rasa became the most mature and accomplished stuff from the project, totally designed (sound and artworks) by a7ie's true friends. 11 original tracks of sick music for sick people, striking like a blast some spleen. Sickness, insanity but also ... hope, a new departure.This new album will be also available with a limited bonus remixes cd featuring xotox, freakangel, cygnosic, stahlnebel and black seller, es23 and many more.
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InfraRot item number:2012.132
Label's catalogue number:ad-hun-71-cd
3.Made Of Wrath
4.The Only Man In The World
5.Into The Void
7.Lullaby Of Pain
10.Tabula Rasa
11.End Of A Lifetime
12.Into The Void (Darkpowernoise Remix By Xotox)
13.Made Of Wrath Remixed By Sinfusion)
14.Mort (Remixed By Morte Infexion)
15.Lullaby Of Pain (Remixed By Freakangel)
16.Made Of Wrath (Remixed By Es23)
17.Mort (Remixed By Subliminal Code)
18.Into The Void (Inscissors Vs Hydra Division V Remix)
19.Malade (Remixed By Detroit Diesel)
20.Made Of Wrath (Remixed By Traumatize)
21.Lullaby Of Pain (Touched By Stahlnebel & Black Selket)
22.Mort (Remixed By Cygnosic)
23.Lullaby Of Pain (Remixed By Viscera Drip)
24.Mort (Destructed By Detuned Destruction)
25.Mort (Cemetary Angel Remix By Nano Infect)