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Release: 2012
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AAimon - Flatliner CD

Artoffact Records offers up a CD version of Aimon's highly praised 'Flatliner' album, that contains the six tracks that appeared on the Tundra Dubs 12" version, but also 10 more tracks. The CD includes remixes from both the industrial and witch-house scenes: Unison, The Ceremonial Dagger, Textbeak and other witch-house artists sit alongside industrial acts Haujobb, Encephalon, Dead When I Found Her and Chrysalide to create the perfect mesh of dark music cultures.

Slow, occult, claustrophobic aesthetics match superb song writing, making 'Flatliner' one of the best CDs you will own the year 2012!
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InfraRot item number:2011.851
Label's catalogue number:AOF135
2.Black Cross
4.Mirrors Fade
6.Emptiness (Current Reprise)
7.Evil Eye
8.Current (Unison Remix)
9.Black Cross (Dead When I Found Her Remix)
10.Flatliner (Encephalon Remix)
11.Choke (Chrysalide Remix)
12.Mirrors Fade (The Ceremonial Dagger Remix)
13.Black Cross (Vo1d Remix)
14.Current (Andras Remix)
15.Flatliner (Haujobb Remix)
16.Emptiness (Textbeak Remix)