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Absolute Body Control

"Lost / Found (Limited Edition)"


Veröffentlichung: Juli 2021
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Absolute Body Control - Lost / Found (Limited Edition) 2CD

Limited edition on double CD in 500 copies. Vinyl record gatefold sleeve replica with printed inner sleeves.

Absolute Body Control was formed by Dirk Ivens in 1980 influenced by the sound produced by the likes of Suicide, D.A.F. and the UK electronic scene. Eric Van Wonterghem joined the project next year just after the release of the debut 7" "Is There An Exit?". They released together just some cassettes during its brief initial run, but this was enough to gain a following in and outside Belgium. A compilation of tracks entitled "Eat This" was eventually done in 1993 and a first edition of the collection "Lost / Found" was issued on CD in 2005.

Dirk and Eric took the project back on stage in 2006 and decided to re-activate it. They first re-recorded some of their classic songs for the album "Wind[Re]Wind" and then continued releasing new material and touring all Europe and beyond.

"Lost / Found" is the definitive collection of this minimal-synth-wave act and this new edition on CD compiles a total of 52 songs including 8 previously unreleased.

Audio restored and remastered by Nicolás Zuñiga. Layout prepared by Stefan Alt.
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1.Behind Closed Doors
2.Waving Hands
3.Touch Your Skin
6.Foxy Sunday
7.Me And My Desire
8.Do You Feel It Inside (Remake)
10.5 Minutes
12.What Is The Disease?
13.I'm Leaving
14.Film 3
16.Lonely This Christmas
17.I Wasn't There (Live)
18.Numbers 14
19.Automatic 2
21.A Broken Dream
22.Slow Action
23.Melting Away
24.Spinning Round
25.Eat This
27.Do You Feel It Inside
29.Love At First Sight
30.Circle Of Steel
31.In Your Mind
32.Gone At Last
33.So Obvious
34.Film 1
35.Is There An Exit?
36.Suffer In Silence
37.So Hard (Live)
38.Fast Forward
39.Back To You
40.Automatic 1
42.The Man I Wanna Be
43.Far Too Late
44.Give Me Your Hands
45.Total Control
46.Late At Night
47.Numbers 11 (Silhouette)
48.It Is Just (Live)
50.On Fire
51.Velvet Sky
52.Game For A Laugh