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Absurd Minds

"Sapta (DEL) (Stock ERRor)"


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Absurd Minds - Sapta (DEL) (Stock ERRor) CD

First limited edition of 1'500 copies in deluxe 6-panel Digipak + booklet! Dresden is mainly known internationally, for being Germany’s city with the highest concentration of neo-Nazis and simple minded people – but Dresden is also the home of ABSURD MINDS, a German Electro formation, that looks back on 25 years of existence, and 6 successful albums! On SAPTA you can find all the positive aspects that ABSURD MINDS stand for in their 25 years of band history: Energetic electro that targets heart and mind, and which is as creative as it is virtuosic. ABSURD MINDS show once again that they know how to balance an almost perfect fusion of tempo-driven and calm pieces on album length. The band draws a picture of the general disorientation of our time and the various spines that spike today’s humanity. The well balanced electropop tracks are supported by the charismatic vocals, well known and respected by the countless fans of this band around the world!
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1.Carry The Flag
2.Dead End
7.A Light That Shone
8.Turning Away
11.One Blood
12.More Than One