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Release: June 2019
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Accessory - Elektrik CD

Once named as an „irresiszible fusion of hard beats, fat synthetic sounds and catchy floor fillers“, Chemnitz (germany) based „Accessory“ return with their new longplayer „ELEKTRIK“, almost six years after the successor „Resurrection“. Dirk Steyer (vocals) and Mike Königsberger are to fire up fourteen new electronic arrows at your dancefloor mixing traditional EBM, modern electro, synthpop or even dark techno influeneces to creat an electronic masterpiece. Since the release of their debut album „Electronic Controlled Mind“ back in 1997 the dynamic duo has always been a driving force in electronic dance music. With their pre released single „No Man Covers“ the band shows where „Elektrik“ will lead us: straight forward to a dancefloor near you! Catchy melodies, shout like vocals, dark and powerful sequences, that's the musical style of „Accessory“! Check out the massive music video on „No Man Covers“ which has just been released on various visual plattforms! Our recommendations: „Abyss“, „No Man Covers“, „Elektrik“, „Mr Fukker“ and „At Night All Cats Are Gray“. Get ELEKTRIK now!
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1.01  How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You
2.02  Mr. Fukker
3.03  No Man Covers
4.04  Abyss
5.05  This Old Track
6.06  Elektrik
7.07  Wir Müssen
8.08  At Night All Cats Are Gray
9.09  Hunters
10.10  Der Monicon
11.11  Ship Of Fools
12.12  Too Many Nights
13.13  Living Dead Girl (80S Look Version)
14.14  Too Young To Die