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"Kampf Dem Verderb (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2021-02-19
Status: New release in 23 days
Acylum - Kampf Dem Verderb (Limited Edition) 2CD

After some ear-challenging releases with their side-projects TOTEM OBSCURA and AENGELDUST, plus the publication of rare early demo material through the “Filthy Memories” series, the sulphurous duo of ACYLUM serve us the wealthy successor of “Pest” with their 6th studio album entitled “Kampf Dem Verderb”.

On this 12-track album, Pedro ...
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Label:Alfa Matrix
2.Sieg Oder Walhalla
4.The Enemy V.2
6.Schwarzer Adler
7.Breaking The Rules
8.What Do You See?
9.Deine Haut
10.Violin Of Death
11.Venom (Album Version)
12.Kampf Dem Verderb
13.Masquerade (Suicide Commando Remix)
14.Hunter (Armageddon Dildos Remix)
15.Schwarzer Adler (David Blackstar Remix)
16.Sieg Oder Walhalla (Asseptic Room Remix)
17.Schwarzer Adler (Ice Ages Remix)
18.Violin Of Death (Horror Error Mix By Larva)
19.Sieg Oder Walhalla (Advent Resilience Remix)
20.Schwarzer Adler (Schwarzstern Remix)
21.Violin Of Death (Project Erratic Remix)
22.Venom (Dirty K Remix)
23.Hunter (Implant Remix)
24.Schwarzer Adler (Nano Infect Remix)
25.Sieg Oder Walhalla (Aesthetische Remix)
26.Sieg Oder Walhalla (Mental Exile Remix)