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Ad Inferna

"Im Mortelle (Limited Edition)"


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Release: October 2020
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Ad Inferna - Im Mortelle (Limited Edition) CD

With their 6th album called 'im mortelle', the french unclassifiable band unveils an intimistic and very personal part of their soul. Their trip into space takes us where the reason ends & where the madness begins. Magic, bewitching, disturbing and so sensual, 'im mortelle' won't leave you indifferent.
InfraRot sales rank:600
InfraRot item number:2012.130
Label:DSM Music
Label's catalogue number:DSM1301
1.Eternity Regained
2.The Freezing Light
3.Extra Life
5.One Million Miles Away
8.Moïra (Bewitched By Jana Cova)
9.Ad Vitam
10.Eternity Regained (Acoustic Version)