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Ad Inferna

"Ultimum Omnium (Black Edition)"


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Release: October 2020
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Ad Inferna - Ultimum Omnium (Black Edition) CD

This black edition offers the following features:

a different cover 3 bonus tracks: a remix by Chaos All Stars, on by the winner of our RMX contest Cutoff:Sky and a new version of Revelation 17 featuring vocals by Aldrahn (ex DHG Dodheimsgard, Thorns). printed black CD with vinyl appearance

It's limited to 300 copies.

Infos about the album:Following the positive response of 'There Is No Cure', DSM Music is really proud to announce the release of Ad Inferna's album 'Ultimum Omnium'. The French electronic psychopaths are present their filth extreme opus: keep your mind and ears opened for this amazing trip in their deep & dark universe!

Avant-gardist, single & frightening: 'Ultimum ...
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InfraRot item number:2011.070
Label:DSM Music
1.Opus Dei
2.Shed No Tears
3.Hell Within
4.All Shall Die
6.Revelations 17
8.Das Ende
9.Litanie De Sang
10.Ad Inferna
11.Inifinite Si Mal
12.Revelation 17 (Prophecy Mix By Chaos All Stars)
13.All Shall Die (Club Mix By Cutoff:Sky)
14.Revelation 17 (Feat. Aldrahn - DHMG, Thorns)