InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Adam Kult

"Harsh is Dead"


Release: October 2019
Status: Ready to be shipped in 2-4 days

The highly anticipated second album from Italian harsh-machine ADAM (their debut was released by Fear Section), for the occasion transformed into ADAM KULT due to a case of homonymy. After an explosive debut, the performance at Wave Gotik Treffen and a German tour as official opening act for Blutengel, ADAM KULT buried themselves in their own studio to give birth to a follow up that could be even higher. So Harsh IS DEAD is born, where the sound becomes more granitic, where arrangements transform the groove in a massive dance floor-machine. The vocals, made even more powerful by a production that eclipses the first act, dragging the listener into a veritable hell. For those who love huge kick, deep baselines and frantic rhythms. Features remixes by Suicidal Romance, Cedigest and others!
InfraRot sales rank:1,840
InfraRot item number:9953.678
1.This Is Not America
2.Dark Friday
3.Harsh Is Dead
4.Fast Lane
5.I Will F**k Your Mind
6.Shut Your Mouth
7.Let The Beat Take Control
8.Sky Raper
9.F**k Them
10.F**k Them - Suicidal Romance Rmx
11.F**k Them - Cedigest Rmx
12.Sky Raper - Surgery Rmx (Feat. Ghige)
13.Sky Raper - Nydhog Rmx
14.This Is Not America - Skd Rmx
15.This Is Not America - Promised Eden Rmx