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Adam X



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Release: 2014
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Adam X - Irreformable CD

Adam’s latest endeavor is sculpted in innovative sound design and mixed in full dyna-mic range. Spanning a theme of diverse styles, 'Irreformable' refuses to reform or conform to commercialism. The term 'all killer no filler' applies here. 'Interchanges' opens with a crunchy bassline and an array of hi-hats building tension as the track develops. Many of the albums tracks are peppered with short vocal samples and spoken phrases which add to the atmosphere and energy as the album develops. We hear this in third track 'binary possession' with its layers of detuned synth noises and whispered Adam x vocals and in 'sheer insanity' which is filled with sweeps and noise, combined with an unnerving vocal. Title track 'Irreformable' comes full of noises reminiscent of a factory boiler room, chugging along to the noise of broken pipes and alarms, backed by an underlying snare drum and repeated spoken phrase. The latter half of the record continues to build on the overall tension and evokes an almost chaotic feel it. Irreformable is a refined sounding album that broods with dark energy that twists and turns as Adam x takes us on a journey of sound. File under industrialized techno, rhythmic noise , futurism, purism, desolation
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Label:Sonic Groove
3.Binary Possession
4.On The Verge Of Decimation
5.Sheer Insanity
7.In A Race Against Time
8.Tornado Warning
9.It's All Relative