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"Resonanz (Limited Edition)"


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Release: September 2020
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AD:keY - Resonanz (Limited Edition) 2CD

“Resonanz” is bound to be the German body-pop album of the year! Enjoy AD:KEY’s electronic body music with an additive melodic edge and dominating lush fronting female vox. To love and abuse without moderation.

The first edition of this album is available as a limited double-CD deluxe digipak with 12 bonus Tracks, including alternative versions made by AD:KEY themselves, plus impressive and unexpected hi-energy collaborations with Schramm, Steril, Armageddon Dildos and Rossi BM.

On “Resonanz”, their very aptly ...
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Label:Alfa Matrix
1.This Is Not The Time
2.You Can´t Fu*k Me
3.Herz Lass Los
4.Schlachtfeld Der Liebe
5.Du Und Ich
6.Ich Will, Dass Du Jetzt Gehst
7.Alles Was Ich Will
8.Nur Der Mond
9.Electro Musik
10.I Can´t Feel You
11.Der Letzte Tanz
12.I Stay
13.This Is Not The Time (Single-Version)
14.This Is Not The Time (Ad:key Vs Schramm)
15.This Is Not The Time (Slow-Mix)
16.Alles Was Ich Will (Single-Version)
17.Alles Was Ich Will (Club-Mix)
18.Schlachtfeld Der Liebe (Rmx By Rossi Bm)
19.Schlachtfeld Der Liebe (Mix By Armageddon D.)
20.Ich Will Dass Du Jetzt Gehst (Evvilking-Mix By Steril)
21.Ich Will Dass Du… (Axl-Mix By Steril)
22.Du Und Ich (Extended)
23.You Can´t Fu*k Me (Remix)
24.Der Letzte Tanz (Ep-Mix)