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"Luminous Vapors"


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Release: 2009
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ADMX-71 - Luminous Vapors CD

ADMX-71 is a project created by well known techno producer and Dj, Adam X of Brooklyn NYC, who now resides in Berlin, Germany. This first album release of ADMX-71 is an incredible,various and unique masterpiece of contemporary electronica. ADMX-71 presents an hour-long journey of industrialized techno interspersed with deep, atmospheric soundscapes, set to thebackdrop of downtempo rhythms.

The mood of ADMX-71 weaves it way through darkness, futurism and self-reflectiveness. Though in a unique style of its own, it's Adam's true love for boundary-pushing music by artists such as Monolake, Biosphere and Mika Vainio that have inspired him to create this project. The result is a deeply introspective soundtrack that seamlessly shifts between the cavernously earthly and the futuristically sci-fi.
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InfraRot item number:2004.987
Label's catalogue number:D136
1.Inter Galaxy Transfer Station
2.Planets Aligned
3.The Cc Line (R-10 Flats)
4.Indigenously Speaking
5.The Delay Of Flight 33
6.In Decay They Lurk
7.They've Come To Get Me
8.In Search Of...
9.10 000 Leagues Over The Sea
10.The Hacking Into Afterlife
11.Pulsar Wind Nebula