InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Advanced Art

"Darkhive: The Tape & Vinyl Years"


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Release: 2015
Status: Ready to be shipped in 1-2 days
Advanced Art - Darkhive: The Tape & Vinyl Years LP

Released in an epic gatefold sleeve, complete with vintage photos & MP3 download card.

Genre: electronic / industrial / EBM.

30 years after the official ...
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1.A1 Black Roses (7")
2.A2 No Answers No Solutions (7")
3.A3 From Nothing To Nothing (7")
4.A4 Steel (7")
5.A5 You're A Pretender (1987)
6.A6 You Need Love (1987)
7.B1 Wake Up
8.B2 Tear Open These Scars
9.B3 This Blue Moment (Demo)
10.B4 Til I Beg For Mercy (Demo)
11.B5 Life Before Death