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Aeon Sable



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Release: November 2018
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Aeon Sable - Aether CD

Way back in 2010 when Aeon Sable released their debut album, everything changed for Gothic Rock & Dark music. Just when it seemed creativity within these genres had been exhausted, along came Per Aspera Ad Astra. Suddenly new layers and opportunities for progression were revealed and Gothic rock fans found themselves amazed by a band evidently unafraid to explore and experiment. As the years rolled by German visionaers Aeon Sable released a string of albums that have become true gems of dark music. With Saturn Return, Aequinoctium, Visionaers and Hypaerion they found their own way courtesy of an unique artistic expression not many other bands can muster. Influenced by the epic works from The Sisters Of Mercy and the Fields Of The Nephilim, laced with a touch of dark and atmospheric Gothic Metal reminiscent of Tiamat and Moonspell, all the while deeply immersed by the esoteric, occult and all things Magick - this is Aeon Sable on the verge of releasing their sixth masterpiece titled Aether. An album that is destined to reinforce their claim to being amongst the most creative and credible forces of the genre out there.

Aeon Sable stands for big ...
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Label:Solar Lodge
1.Hand Of Glory & The Nihilist
2.Follow The Light
3.Deadlock Canon
4.Burn For Salvation
5.O Senhor Do Medo
6.Dark Matter
7.Leaving Of The Fourth Season