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Aesthetic Perfection

"Blood Spills Not Far From The Wound"


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Release: 2015
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Aesthetic Perfection - Blood Spills Not Far From The Wound CD

After nearly a decade of bitterness and regret towards what he viewed as a desecration of his artistic vision, renewed interest in the project lead Daniel to resurrect the long defunct project for a one-off concert in his hometown of Los Angeles. To prepare for the show, each song was deconstructed and rebuilt, track by track using the original recordings. Every effort was taken to stay true to the original versions while improving the sonic quality. To Daniel’s surprise, the process softened him on the album and he saw his bitterness towards it wane. He found himself excited by the prospect of taking the record back and releasing it on his own terms. “Necessary Response” was indeed dead, but only in name, the songs could survive and continue on as Aesthetic Perfection, as it had always been intended.

Blood Spills Not Far from ...
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1.Open Wound
2.Spilling Blood
6.Never Enough
7.For All The Lost
8.Dying In The Worst Way