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Agent Side Grinder & Dirk Ivens

"Go (Bring it) Back"


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Release: 2014
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Agent Side Grinder & Dirk Ivens - Go (Bring it) Back Single/7

"Go (Bring it) Back" is a collaboration between Dirk Ivens, legendary singer of The Klinik, Dive, Absolute Body Control, Sonar and Swedens rocking electro monster Agent Side Grinder.

The track combines the best parts of Klinik's EBM classic "Go Back" and ASG:s "Bring it Back" into a killer mashup. The music was recorded in ASG’s rehearsing studio, where they re-created the drum beat and significant riff of "Go Back", while keeping the bass guitar and some synth parts from their own recordings.

The vocals were recorded in Dirk Ivens’ hotel room, the morning after a celebrated THE KLINIK concert in Malmö in October 2013, where ASG coincidentally acted as support act. Since then the bands have become good friends and met at several European festivals. The result "Go (Bring it) Back" melts two unique bands together, one that defined the industrial/ electronic genre 30 years ago, and one that brings it into the future.
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1.Go (Bring It) Back – Featuring Dirk Ivens
2.Go (Bring It) Back – Live Paris, March 20 2013