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Agent Side Grinder

"Industrial Beauty (Extended)"


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Release: 2016
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Agent Side Grinder - Industrial Beauty (Extended) 2CD

Let’s make it short : The Sweedish band Agent Side Grinder is certainly (one of) the most interesting 80’s inflluenced contemporary bands, and all of their releases have been – and continue to be – excellent sellers for Audioglobe Exports!!!

When most of the « post punk revival » bands more or less copy and paste the godfather’s songs, ASG reflect the roots and spirit of the EarLY 80’S, with their own style, mixing post punk and no Wave with Krautrock, early Industrial,, and electronic expérimentations… JOY DIVISION meets SUICIDE meets CABARET VOLTAIRE …a must !

This new, second edition of ‘Industrial Beauty’ comes as EXTENDED version to the 2011 edition and includes A LOT of bonus-material!
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Label:Manic Depression
1.Die To Live
2.Me, Me & Me
3.Life In Advance
4.The Screams
5.Lashes Of Flashes
6.Eyes Of The Old
7.Ricocheting Memories
8.String Strikes
10.Voice Of Your Noise
11.Life In Advance (Jacques C Rmx)
12.Die To Live (Container 90 Rmx)
13.Voice Of Your Noie (Fold Rmx)
14.String Strikes (Cvrd By Styx Tyger)
15.010-195 (Th.tot Mx)
16.Black Vein (Rude 66 Rmx)
17.The Screams (Live)
18.Me, Me & Me (Live)
19.Telefunk (Live)
20.Eyes Of The Old (Live)
21.Die To Live (Live)
22.Voice Of Your Noise (Live)
23.005-200 08 008-199
24.Life In Advance
26.Die To Live
27.Voice Of Your Noise