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Release: 2015
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Agrezzior - Berserker CD

It is a well known „secret“ that sweden has established itself at the top of the „Electronic Body Music“ nation! „Agrezzior“ for sure is another peak in this genre! Traditional EBM in the vein of Nitzer Ebb, Orange Sector or Pouppee Fabrikk is their musical weapon! „Berserker“ features 12 new „EBM“ masterpieces for all fans of pumping beats, catchy melodies and the vocals shouts by singer „Jesper“. An album which will make your „EBM“ heart beat faster! For the release we’ve launched a nice trailer to check the full album out at: - Body - Machine - BodyOur most beloved songs: „Dead Red Beat“, „Fast as a bullet“, „Men of Mayhem“ & „Run“.
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1.Dead Red Beat (03:16)
2.Men Of Mayhem (03:04)
3.Snatch Your Body (04:00)
4.Saint Reaper (03:29)
5.Psychic Driving (03:40)
6.Sick Of Lies (02:47)
7.Fast As A Bullet (03:15)
8.Was Machst Du (03:28)
9.Swallow (03:17)
10.Devils Whore (03:16)
11.Run (03:32)
12.Fight With Me (03:36)