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Ain Soph

"Oktober (2nd Edition+Bonus)"


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Ain Soph - Oktober (2nd Edition+Bonus) CD

This edition will come in a completely new designed artwork and including an additional 3"MCD. Containing a new audio track recorded in 2008 + a video track! "Oktober" was the comeback album of the roman masters after the album "Aurora" and has been highly praised for it's unique blend of italian cabaret and true italian folk songs! All songs are sung in italian with Ain Soph's usual acoustic instrumentation and their typical keyboard patterns... Songs in the way of "Aurora" but with an additional, slighly rocky electric guitar. Once more "Oktober" proved to be a work apart of all standards! The album deals with tales about a russian soldier during the communist october revolution 1917, probably even more "surprising" and "politically Incorrect" than the incredible "Aurora".
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