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"L’inverno e l’Aquilone"


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Release: 2016
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Albireon - L’inverno e l’Aquilone CD

Two years and a half after the very successful "Le Fiabe dei Ragni Funamboli" (Infinite Fog), Albireon are back with a new work which can easily be praised as the absolute highlight of their discography so far! Featuring emotional and melancholic neo folk ballads graced by neoclassic strings and subconscious ambient soundscapes, Albireon crafts a portrait of childhood memories, dreams and hopes, focusing this time on children's special sensitivity and children's unbearable pain in a world not protecting or caring for them as they would deserve it... Songs as "Gli Aironi", "Beslan 2004" "Kezia" or "Imbrunire", sang by the Italian darkwave legend Gianni Pedretti (COLLOQUIO) are setting new standards in heartfelt Neo Folk music!
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Label:Palace Of Worms
1.L'inverno E L'aquilone
2.Sentieri Di Crinale
3.Through Winter Fires
4.Gli Aironi
8.The Stolen Child
9.Nel Regno Di Erevlost
10.Park Of Silent Angels
11.The Black Harbour
12.Beslan 2004
13.Imbrunire [Feat.gianni Pedretti]