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"Le Secret"


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Release: 2011
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Alcest - Le Secret CD

'Le Secret' is not a new album by Alcest, but the debut EP from the incomparable project from France. It was originally released back in 2005 in an edition of just 1.000 copies which sold out before the release of 'Souvenirs d'un Autre Monde' (2007), thus becoming a sought-after collector's item.

'Le Secret' isn't just re-released in its original form, though. Instead, Neige has realised his dream of many years to re-record these tracks which are so meaningful to him personally and so fundamental to Alcest and to adjust them to his matured demands. Still, the original recordings from 2005 are an equal part of this re-release.

The booklet will also contain two essays by Neige, 'Sounds from another world' and 'A glance at Le Secret: Ten years after its first draft', wherein he sheds some light on the esoteric side of Alcest and on the background and meaning of 'Le Secret'.
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1.Le Secret (2011)
2.Elevation (2011)
3.Le Secret (2005)
4.Elevation (2005)