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Alien Produkt

"Honour Vs. Falsehood - The First Step"


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Release: 2009
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Alien Produkt - Honour Vs. Falsehood - The First Step MCD

Rhythmic EBM machines combined with a powerful voice and a melodies will stay with you from the start. Alien Produkt makes a great return with their newest release "Honour vs Falsehood - The first Step EP." This production included 14 songs, more than 70 minutes in total and contains 2 new tracks and unpublished remixes from A7IE, Asseptic Room, Retractor, Drained Scorn among others.

Pure EBM beats with a perfect combination of club oriented sounds, hard, emotional and danceable. Release has done in the band's unmistakable own style, well known from their previously published albums on BLC production (2005 - Revenge, 2007 - Ignorance).
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InfraRot item number:2005.395
Label's catalogue number:ad-hun-36-ep
1.Honour Vs Falsehood
2.Slaves To The System (Dima Version)
3.Slander (Obszon Geschopf Remix)
4.Into The Abyss (Aseptie Remix)
5.Involution (Pure Acid Hell Mix By Drained Scorn)
6.Slander (Mechanical Moth Remix)
7.Oscilacion Parasita (G-pro Remix)
8.New Concentration Camps (Retractor Remix)
9.Reality - Out Of Control (Blood Room Remix By Asseptic Room)
10.Oscilacion Parasita (Headache Remix)
11.Dark Visions (Yluko Remix)
12.Honour Vs Falsehood (Unidad Central Trance Version)
13.Oscilacion Parasita (Sintetik Remix V25)
14.Oscilacion Parasita (Acid Parasit Floor By Kode In Mind)