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Alien Sex Fiend

"Classic Albums & BBC Sessions Collection"


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Release: 2018
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Alien Sex Fiend - Classic Albums & BBC Sessions Collection 4CD

• Four albums of deep fried proto electro punk from London’s industrial goth troubadors.

• Also contains relevant single mixes, B-sides, rarities and six PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED John Peel session recordings.

• Albums packaged in mini LP sleeve replicas.

• Contain countless Independent Chart top ten entries, both singles and albums.

• Produced with the approval and involvement of Nik and Mrs Fiend themselves!

• Way ahead of their time, ASF’s fusion of electronic rhythms, synthesisers, samples and rewired, carefree insanity sincerely warrants rediscovery. In a better world, these albums would still top every chart in the known universe.

• The band remain active, performing their hybrid blend of psychedelic electro goth rock to ecstatic crowds throughout Europe.
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1.Wish I Woz A Dog
2.Wild Women
3.I'm Not Mad
4.New Christian Music
5.Wigwam Wipe Out
6.I'm Her Frankenstein
7.I Am A Product
8.Ignore The Machine
9.Lips Can't Go
10.Black Rabbit
11.Under The Thunder (Ignore The Dub)
12.30 Second Coma
13.Rip (Blue Crumb Truck)
14.New Christian Music (Single Version)
15.In God We Trust (In Cars You Rust?)
16.Dead And Re-Buried
17.She's A Killer
18.Hee-Haw (Here Come The Bone People)
19.Smoke My Bones
20.Breakdown And Cry (Lay Down & Die)
21.E.s.t. (Trip To The Moon)
22.Attack!!!!!! #2
23.Dead And Buried
25.Boneshaker Baby
26.I Am A Product (Live)
27.I'm Doing Time In A Maximum Security Twilight Home
28.Mine's Full Of Maggots
29.Do You Sleep
30.In And Out Of My Mind
32.Fly In The Ointment
33.Seconds To Nowhere
34.The Beaver Destroys Forests
35.Do You Sleep (Version)
36.Depravity Lane (Think I'll Take A Trip...)
37.Ignore The Machine (Electrode Mix)
38.Attack!!!!! (Live At The Bbc)
39.Dead And Buried (Live At The Bbc)
40.Hee-Haw (Live At The Bbc)
41.Ignore The Machine (Live At The Bbc)
42.Smells Like…
43.Manic Depression
44.Believe It Or Not
45.April Showers / Wop-Bop
46.Get Into It
47.Lesson One
48.Do It Right
49.To Be Continued…
50.Buggin' Me
51.I Walk The Line
52.Here She Comes
53.Can’T Stop Smoking
54.In God We Trust (Live At The Bbc)
55.E.s.t. (Live At The Bbc)