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Alien Skin

"The Unquiet Grave"


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Release: 2010
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Alien Skin - The Unquiet Grave CD

Immerse your subconscious in the enigmatic and subtle electronic sojourn of The Unquiet Grave, the 2010 album release from Alien Skin. 'The Unquiet Grave' is a subterranean world of brooding songs that hauntingly weave themselves into your senses. With musical reference to artists such as Depeche Mode, Martin Gore, Enigma and David Sylvian, it's a perfect follow up to the acclaimed 2008 debut album: 'Don't Open till Doomsday'.

Beginning with an eerie and lush rendition of a mournful 14th century English folksong, itself called 'The Unquiet Grave', the album continues the melancholic bloodline of the debut. With eleven evocative songs, varying between pulsing analog basslines underpinning haunting vocal melodies and spacious atmospheric layers, this album will mesmerize and beguile.

Alien Skin's unique alternative sensibility laced with trancey gothic undertones is, once again, to be found alive and breathing in 'The Unquiet Grave'.
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1.The Unquiet Grave
4.This Isolation
5.Dirty Kisses (A Vampire Love Story)
8.After The Funeral
9.The Birthday Party