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Alien Vampires

"Evil Generation"


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Release: 2011
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Alien Vampires - Evil Generation CD

Alien Vampires stand for a sound where harsh industrial, pure electronics and obscure atmospheres combine to form evil, electronic body music. This latest evolution in Hard / Abrasive Electro could be described as a cross between Combichrist with Suicide Commando, with typical Death Power Vocals.

'Evil Generation' is filled with hard beats, catchy melodies and muscular guitar riffs - mingled in a unique style that finds its most complete realization in tracks such as 'Evil Generation' and 'We Will Rise Again'. This is pure 'Harsh' EBM. Move your Body!
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1.Evil Generation
2.I Fuck Nuns
3.Fake Blood Is For Cunt
4.Down In Hell
5.Defending The Muthoid Throne
6.Excuse For All The Blood
7.Chernobyl Is My Throne
8.Satanic Propaganda
9.We Will Rise