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Alio Die & Lorenzo Montana

"Holographic Codex (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2015
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Alio Die & Lorenzo Montana - Holographic Codex (Limited Edition) CD

Limited edition of 500 copies in 4-panel digipak!

Crossing styles and boundaries, Holographic Codex is a mixture of atmospheric ambience, IDM sequences and psybient textures; these cult Italian musicians create a blending of ritualistic soundscapes and technogenic landscapes. Alio Die has over 60 releases, some on Projekt Records and others on his own Hic Sunt Leones; Montana recorded 5 collaboration with Pete Namlook on Pete's German FAX label, plus released 10 solo albums with various European Imprints. His work also includes T.T.L, an ongoing collaboration with Trisol artist Tying Tiffany.

T.T.L. create instrumental music for soundtracks and trailers. Their song "Deep Shadow" was featured in The Hunger Games movie trailer.
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1.Muns De Etrah
2.Hydra E Vers
4.Silent Rumon
6.Cinta Della Breccia Divina
7.Eternal Wisdom