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All My Faith Lost

"In A Sea..."


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Release: 2010
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All My Faith Lost - In A Sea... CD

"In a sea, in a lake, in a river... or in a teardrop" is the long deleted debut album by this known Cold Meat Industry act. The sound of the album is more acoustic than recent releases of the band and almost all songs are following the verse/chorus/verse rule. Acoustic and Classic guitars are the main instruments at the base of the compositions, flutes and delicate synths create, then, light arrangements giving that ethereal mood that will be more present in the following releases of the band. The vocal parts are equally divided among the male one (Federico) and the female ones (Viola and Raffaella) creating a perfect balance between heavenly/frail and profound/dark atmospheres.
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InfraRot item number:2006.646
Label:Infinite Fog
Label's catalogue number:if-04
1.The Sky Of The Lake
2.2The Fideal
5.Gwrageth - Anoon
6.Argea (The Faithful Faery)
7.The Mermaid Song