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"In The Land Of The Blind"


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Release: 2015
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AlterRed - In The Land Of The Blind CD

Last year we introduced North America to the dark and mysterious world of AlterRed. We assembled a collection of tracks, entitled The Electro Creep Show, which covered the bands illustrious career. This release showcased AlterRed?'s unique sound and served as the foundation for their upcoming releases. After months in the studio, MikEy AlterRed and Vix Vain have once again emerged with a new masterpiece in the form of the album, "In the Land of the Blind?...?" Always striving to explore and expand their sound, AlterRed has crossed into uncharted territories while maintaining the core of mixing avant-garde strings and piano with electronic beats and synths. MikEy's powerful vocals and dark lyrics tell the tales of love, lust, lunacy and loss, while acting as the string that ties the whole release together.
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Label:WTII Records
2.The Wraith
3.I Breathe You
5.Run, Hide
8.Love Like Vanity
11.The Land Of The Blind