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Am Tierpark

"Kings of Failure (Limited Edition)"


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Release: September 2019
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Am Tierpark - Kings of Failure (Limited Edition) CD

Limited and hand-numbered to 1000!

“Kings of Failure” is the third album from Danish synthpop duo Am Tierpark (Claus Larsen of Leæther Strip/Klutae and John R. Mirland of Negant/M73). The new album presents the duo yet again diving deep into the synthpop sound of the 80s with a focus on hooks and memorable melodies. Music and programming: John R. Mirland. Vocals and lyrics: Claus Larsen
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1.Don’T Tell Me
2.Calling Your Name
3.No More Chances
4.Are We Crashing
5.Kings Of Failure
6.Take Cover
7.So Many Faces
8.No Secrets
9.Reach Xtc
10.I Swear