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Release: 2013
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Ambassador 21 - X CD

In Hands Paper Pack!

HANDS welcomes a catchpenny addition to its band roster: Ambassador21, the Belarusian duo who have brought their digital hardcore sound to electronic and industrial festivals worldwide and look back at a plethora of releases since the turn of the century. “X” is meant to tie up loose ends, with nine unreleased and seven compilation tracks from the period of 2005-2012 showcasing their arsenal of sound: Hard electronics, samples, heavy guitars and Natasha’s sandpaper vocals are the ingredients of this sonic Molotov cocktail!

Ambassador21 are surely active activists, and their efforts have put them in the upper tiers of the digital hardcore scene. Highly political, cultural renegades, they are quite a memorable display on stage, ener-getic and charged. Such is also their music, and the 16 tracks on “X” bear witness to that. Clocking in at well over 70 minutes, “X” is one for the fans as well as for those who wish to discover the force that is Ambassador21: A creative outlet for rage and aggression, and the desire for change, heartfelt, loud and proud! Fu*k all Systems!
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1.Dope Off
2.Revolution Is A Business 2K9
3.Smith-And-Wesson (Touch Gun Mix)
4.Zensyou 66
6.Go Fu*k Yourself
7.X Rage
8.Megeneration X
9.Operation Touch Gun (Feat. Hypnoskull)
10.Power Rage Riot Death (Live Edit)
11.Dope On
12.Face Your Future Killers (Live @ Hr Giger Museum 2011)
13.Fu*k All Systems (190306 Edit)
14.Elvis Vs. Batman
15.Unhappy Day V2
16.Make It Loud (Live Edit)