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Release: 2013
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Amduscia - Filofobia 2CD

Mexico attacks! Amduscia are back! And the band around shouter and stage-berserker Polo is bringing you the massive album “Filofobia”, a thunderstorm of hard beats, ultra-low-end bass and aggro-screams, masterfully augmented by catchy and fat Electro-soundscapes and cynically evil lyrics. Industrial + Trance + a healthy dose of madness = Psycho-Trance … and never before have the Mexican psychos driven their characteristic trademark sound to such utter perfection as on this latest onslaught of sound.

“Filofobia” is a term that ...
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Label:Out Of Line
Label's catalogue number:OUT616-617
1.No God
2.Dig Your Grave
3.Bitch Killer
4.Revelations Of Innocence
5.The Spell
6.Muerete Ya
8.Una Esperanza Rota
9.Check Mate (Love Game)
10.Your Last Time
11.Where Is Your God?
12.Out Of Control
13.Insatiable Pain
14.Who Am I?