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"Dreamcatcher (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2010
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Amgod - Dreamcatcher (Limited Edition) 3CD

This is a limited edition which is including a exclusive remix album 'Remixes' gathering collaborations and remix works from artists coming from various music scenes. Furthermore the limited version includes a exclusiv artwork.

Infos about the album:After several ...
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InfraRot item number:2007.448
Label:Alfa Matrix
Label's catalogue number:AM2153TCD
1.God-Complex (Part 2)
3.Pain & Desire
5.Like A Prayer (Album Version)
6.CyberChrist 2010
7.No Comment! (God Bless All Idiots)
8.Deep Down
10.Fight! (AlbumVersion)
11.On The Hunt (Short Mix)
12.Stigmata 2010
13.The End
16.Soulhunter 2010
17.War Trap
18.Blood On The Wall
19.Schuldig (Guilty)
20.Brap Talk
21.My Love Is Gone
22.Crime! 2010
24.Rain From Heaven
25.I Am Innocent
26.The Guilty Have No Rights
27.War Trap (Cruelty March)
28.Stigmata (Torture Remix By La Magra)
29.Fight! (DJ La Sash & DJ Sandra Gold Remix)
30.Massaker (The4HorsemanOfTheapocalipsemix By Implant)
31.Fight! (Comandante Remix By DJ Roberto Q. Ingram)
32.Like A Prayer (Brain Leisure Remix)
33.On The Hunt (Robots Attaquent Séquenceur Remix By Christian IV E.
34.Massaker (Experiment Haywire Remix)
35.Blood On The Wall (Magic Infex Remix By Circuitry Man)
36.Like A Prayer (Leaether Strip Remix)
37.On The Hunt" (Diabolic Art Remix)
38.Fight! (Wax Off Remix By Kant Kino)
39.Like A Prayer" (Insanity Vs Christianity Mix)