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Release: 2017
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Amorphous - Shapeshifting CD

Amorphous [without a clearly defined shape or form]. Amorphous is the solo project of Gil OS, exleader of the Brazilian Electro-Industrial act MORGUE MECHANISM. Amorphous composes a sophisticated and fully EBM/Industrial-inspired sound, covered by dark synth layers and well-produced, distorted vocals injecting a spooky touch to the work. You can hear all the experience and production skills of Amorphous who likes to treat his songs with multiple effects while the global work also reminds of some recent minimal electro at times. The 14 tracks on the album feature dark-body standards from the 90s, enriched with a more modern approach. The sound fuses analog and digital synth drums, electronic melody lines, thunderous beats with ingredients from a forward thinking industrial dance scene.This conceptual project gets its creative inspiration from psychology and general human behaviour. The songs also reveal some slower passages of a certain romance in darkness and melancholy; something ominous and mysterious – hidden, unknown and obscure, expressed through Amorphous’music.
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Label:Wave Records
1.Second Nature
2.Tabula Rasa
3.Brave New World Feat. Torsykes
5.Unilateral Feat. N3Voa
9.Irreversible Feat. Torsykes
11.Secret Society
12.Shapeshifting Feat. Morpheus Laughing
13.First Simulation
14.Signum Signal