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Analog Angel



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Release: 2009
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Analog Angel - Dischord CD

This is a debut album for this three piece, electronic band from Glasgow, Scotland. 80's electronica? There is certainly more than a hint of 80's electronica on Dischord. Some of the basslines are straight out of the yearbooks 80-85! Some of the sounds are pure analogue beauty; full of filter sweeps that could smash windows. Up to date technology? - that box is ticked too.

There are digital synths on the album; of that there is no doubt but they have been tweeked to within an inch of their lives! This results in a less clinical sound with a bit more warmth than you would normally expect from an all electronic band. Sure, there is some good. old fashioned synth pop on the album but there is a dark, sometimes menacing undertone to some of the lyrics.

The titles of some of the songs shout out to you that there is something dark, cheeky and menacing about to unfold into your ears. There is also an edgy, vulnerable side in some of the songs.Coming in 6-panel digipak!
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InfraRot item number:2005.328
Label:Rage In Eden
Label's catalogue number:RIE71
4.Ich Habe
5.High Heels
6.Down On Your Knees
7.No Contest
8.What We've Become
10.Inner Innocence (Original Innocence)
11.Down On Your Knees (Carpet Burn Reprise)
12.Television (900 Channels Remix)