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"Hotel Oriente"


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Release: 2015
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Anarcoks - Hotel Oriente CD

Back in 2011 Massimo Villani and Marco Simonelli were contacted by their common friend Lydia Lunch and met in Zürich with the intention of collaborating on a project. Over a sleepless weekend they conceived the tale of longing and desire that is Hotel Oriente. Marco wrote then the lyrics and Massimo conjured up with Pierce Wyss to create the soundtrack, that was recorded in Zürich at LOFT23. Hotel Oriente has been so far available as digital download only. This CD release is the second installation of the “europArabia” trilogy from Anarcocks that started in 2014 with Desert Rose and will see its fulfillment next year with a yet unnamed third and last chapter. Very cinematic acoustic, classic sounds mixed-up with complex electronics plus the Italia narrating voice of Massimo. Massimo & Pierce used to be part of the COIL collective (R.I.P.) especially during their live shows.
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Label:Old Europa Café
1.I'll N'y A Pas Des Marins Qui Chantent
2.The Man (Omen In A Libanese Restaurant)
3.The Boy
4.Public Urinal
5.Standing Side By Side
6.Got A Match?
7.What The Dumb Chauffeur Saw
8.Hotel Oriente (Outside/inside/room With A View)
9.Silence Is Por*o / Devotion
10.Future In My Back
11.Penetratuion. Pain Pleasure Pain Pleasure Pleasure
12.When Shall We Meat Again? / Voulez-Vouz A Rendez-Vous?