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And One

"Back Home"



Release: 2012
Status: Sold out
And One - Back Home MCD

And One are 'Back Home', with an 7-tracks EP! But have they been away at all? Actually, nobody gives a f***. Like noone else, those Berlin-based guys are able to garnish their lyrics with small puzzles and hints until their audience's heads burst. And everything crispy and as fresh as can be. Because the return of Joke Jay and Rick Schah finally changes And One back to And One! And now they're even four guys! With Nico 'Tentacle Dieter' Wieditz, a new high-profile keyboard wizard and co-producer joins the gang. During the 'Se*tron Tour 2011', Nico already proved that it's possible to play 5 keyboards simultaneously without getting into a bad mood. By the way, Nico refrains from drinking alcohol, but according to the other band members, this is nothing more than a temporary, yet quite inappropriate situation. A solution to this condition is already in the works.

'Wounds' once more proves that ...
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InfraRot item number:2010.390
Label:Synthetic Symphony
1.Back Home (Club Mix)
3.Back Home (Mixed Conditioner)
4.Back Home (Berlin Mixer)